• Highly Expandable
  • DECT Wireless
  • 7-Inch Wide Color Display
  • Picture Recording
  • Electric Lock Release Support
  • Voice Changer
  • Night Vision

Panasonic Video Door Phone VL-SW274SX

33,450.00₹ Regular Price
20,070.00₹Sale Price
  • Key Features:

    • Highly Expandable: Up to 6 additional monitors can be connected to the main monitor using a combination of 7-inch wired monitors and 8 wireless monitors. (However the maximum possible number of 7 inch monitors is 3 only. In addition Panasonic PBX is supported in.
    • Wireless Monitors: Using the wireless monitor to check visitors and respond promptly from living room, kitchen or elsewhere. The range of wireless monitor is up to 100 meters without any obstacles. Up to 6 wireless monitors can be connected and in order to increase  the wireless range up to 2 repeaters can be connected also
    • 7 inch Screen: The main monitor and extension monitor have a 7-inch wide screen that offer easy viewing of wide vertical and horizontal views.
    • Voice Change Function: The Function makes Woman’s sound like Man’s Voice.
    • Electric Lock Release Support : The electric lock can be easily and quickly
    • Picture Recording Function: The main monitor and extension monitor can record door phone up to 50 Door phones calls and monitoring session (upto 8 still images per visitor/session).
    • Night Vision: Door Station is equipped with LED Lights (illumination Lamp). It enables the color vision  at distance of 50 cm at night