The Grandstream GUV3000 is a USB powered HD headset. It pairs with VoIP phones, laptops and computers, offering high-quality sound for remote workers and busy environments.

The GUV3000 provides all day comfort with adjustable headbands and soft ear cushions. Audio is easily adjusted using the in-line controls.
By offering crystal-clear HD audio, comfortable use and wide compatibility, the GUV series is ideal for remote workers, call centers, receptionists, sales teams and more.

Grandstream GUV3000 HD USB Headset

  • Grandstream GUV3000 Key Features

    • HD audio for crystal clear and easy communication
    • USB compatibility
    • Adjustable headband, in-line controls and left or right wearing style


    • Connection type: USB2.0, USB-A


    • Speaker Diameter 27mm
    • Impedance 150(±15%)
    • Sensitivity 95±3dB (at 1kHz 1mW)
    • Frequency Response 100Hz~7kHz
    • Distortion Max: 3% & 1kHz
    • Default Input Power 10mW
    • Maximum Input Power 20mW
    • L/R Volume Level Difference Average ≤3dB (at 1kHz 1mW)


    • Dimension: Φ4.0*2.2 mm
    • Output Impedance: <2.2 kΩ
    • Sensitivity: -47±3dB f=1kHz,Pin=1 Pa
    • SNR ≥55db f=1kHz,Pin=1Pa A-Weighted Curve
    • Frequency Response: 150Hz~6.8kHz
    • Directivity: Cardioid
    • Microphone Boom Arm Rotation: 310˚

    Additional Features

    • Application Compatibility: Support popular communication applications (such as Zoom, Teams, Slack, WebEx, IPVideoTalk, Grandstream Wave, Counterpath, 3CX soft phones) and IP phone devices
    • Temperature: Storage: -40˚C ~ 70˚C Operating: -10˚C ~ 50˚C
    • Weight: 125g
    • Cable Length: 2 meters
    • Packaging: Headset, Quick User Guide
    • Certifications CE, FCC