Crystal G-32 series Intercom System is suitable for building society or office with Intercom usage only with the following features given below: Key Features: Flexible Numbering Unlimited Conference Panic Alarm on Single Pair Intercom Cable (no extra pair of wire required) Cable Cut Alarm ( on single pair intercom cable) Chairman’s Broadcast* Vendor Arrival Announcement to all Extensions simultaneously* (voice - field programmable) Remote Display Unit for intercom Statue / Panic & Cable Cut indications* Paging Interface Power relay Port for Hooter / Porch Light Tone / Pulse Switchable Extension to Extension Call Extension Do Not Disturb Extension to Extension Call Barring Hot Line Security / Reception Call Forwarding Wake-up Alarm Emergency Reporting Discriminate Ringing Barge - in Auto Call Back Call Pick Up Boss-Secretary System Automatic Double Check with the Flat Battery Back-up (Optional)

Crystal G-32 Series Intercom System with 16 Lines

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